Feature Documentary

DIRECTOR: David Bradbury
WRITER: Phil Jarratt and David Margan
PRODUCER: Robert Raymond
NARRATOR: Simon Baker

The epic search to unravel surfing’s great mystery… who started the Shortboard Revolution?

Was it as legend has it, the Hawaiians with their giant waves and proud Polynesian tradition, or the Californians, who continue to be the commercial machine of modern surfing?  Or was it the brainchild of Australian surfing legend and surfboard designer Bob McTavish, collaborating with American expat, George Greenough.

The debate still rages across the Pacific – who really lit the fuse of this surfing revolution during the tumultuous 1967 ‘summer of love’ that turned the sport, literally, upside down.


Going Vertical has screened at major festivals internationally and has won a slew of awards.

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